I'm constantly amazed by the sheer variety of colors, shapes and forms of flowers.

"It's not what you look at that matter, it's what you see" - Henry David Thoreau
Waterlily Nymphaea "Stowaway Blues"Waterlily Nymphaea "Stowaway Blues"After the BloomWhite WaterlilyPurple WaterlilyWaterlilyPink WaterlilyPink WaterlilyPink Waterlily with Tropical FishPink Waterlily with Tropical FishPink WaterliliesPink WaterliliesPink WaterlilyPink WaterlilyPink WaterlilyPink WaterlilyWaterlily Nymphaea "Piyalarp"Waterlily Nymphaea "General Pershing"Waterlily Nymphaea "General Pershing"Waterlily Nymphaea "General Pershing"