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Raj Bose(non-registered)
Raymond you are an extremely talented photographer. Your images are very lively and are extremely well composed. Thanks for sharing such amazing clicks.
Andy Brayshaw(non-registered)
Raymond -- your pictures are just amazing. I am very familiar with many of your locations - from Fulshear to the London Eye - but you bring an added and spectacular dimension. I think you have a huge amount of talent. Thank you for sharing your galleries.
Appreciation for Photographs(non-registered)
Raymond has an incredible talent in photography. The shots are so stunning! Keep it up Raymond! http://www.cnatraininglife.com/
Bob Writt(non-registered)
Raymond, phenomenal photographs, you truly are talented - well done!
Reveille Kennedy(non-registered)
Hi Raymond and Kirsti!
I never get tired of looking at your spectacular photographs, Raymond, and wonder if I could use one of them for my art? I will buy it of course. I cannot imagine going to all the places that you have been. Where do you find time?
You are an inspiration, not only in photos, but also who you and Kirsti are.Love you guys,
Excellent photo's from around the globe !
Raymond, some of the pictures are really state of art pictures. They also revived some good memories for me!!
Glyn Lowe Photoworks
You have lots of great photos on your web site. All the best....
jacqueline ginther(non-registered)
I have enjoyed your photos on National Geographic and now here and I continue to be amazed!
You inspire me every day I pick up my camera! Thank you! Safe travels!
Man I like these pictures! These are absolutely fabulous - you got the wrong occupation. I perfectly understand your love for twilight and you are a master in capturing tones!!
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